Health Economics

Potential cost savings associated with licensed oral liquid atorvastatin

By treating patients with oral liquid atorvastatin to assist adherence, benefits for each Integrated Care Board (ICB) can potentially be achieved. These include both cost savings and greater consideration for vulnerable patient groups, such as those with intellectual disabilities (ID).

Leading care for vulnerable patients
The Atorvastatin Health Economics Calculator has been developed after consideration of conditions that switching to licensed liquid atorvastatin may affect, and making certain assumptions of the consequences of doing so. The calculator has been reviewed and evaluated by Health Economics Consulting at the University of East Anglia. Rosemont Pharmaceuticals has paid the University of East Anglia a fee for this service.

You are invited to use the calculator to see what level of savings might be achieved in your ICB. Receiving the results of potential savings direct to your inbox is simple.

All you need to do is:

Request access to the calculator using the box below and click on ‘SUBMIT EMAIL’. A colleague will respond to provide you with a link to the calculator.

Once you have access, choose your ICB code and enter the percentage of ID patients on statins in your area and click on ‘VIEW RESULTS’.

To receive an email with those results, enter your email address in the box provided and click on ‘EMAIL RESULTS’.