with tablet crushing

Most atorvastatin oral solid dose medications are not licensed to be manipulated1

  • Atorvastatin not licensed to be manipulated

10mg Tablets x 20 Manufacturers

20mg Tablets x 20 Manufacturers

30mg Tablets x 8 Manufacturers

40mg Tablets x 20 Manufacturers

60mg Tablets x 8 Manufacturers

80mg Tablets x 20 Manufacturers

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  • In a study of patients over 65, 58% crushed tablets to aid administration2

  • Crushing may place a greater liability with the individual prescriber, dispenser or carer3,4

  • Products should be prescribed in accordance with their marketing authorization wherever possible
  • When products are used outside their licence, a greater liability rests with the individual prescriber, dispenser and/or person responsible for the provision or administration of the medication
  • Prescribing decisions that fall below the accepted standard can lead to

    • civil liability
    • criminal liability
    • professional liability
    • breach of professional employment contract
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  • To protect patients, the law requires that the right medicine is given to the right person at the right time, using the right dose and form4

Algorithm for the medication management of adults with swallowing difficulties

Seek advice from:
*Speech and language therapist +/- occupational therapist, physiotherapist, dietitian If included in dysphagia management)
**Supplying pharmacist and/or Medicines Centre

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  • Crushing tablets can result in side-effects5

  • The best formulation, rather than cost, should be the primary concern3

  • Adherence may be poor in patients advised not to crush tablets6